Due to the current state of the nation, *Assembly Required has had to reconceptualize its 2021 expo as a virtual event, February 6th and 7th, 2021. In accordance with this evolution, we have also re-envisioned how artists and attendees alike can participate in the event.

In addition to artist interviews, studio tours and exclusives created by participating artists. the two-day experience will also include surprises from Toybox, America’s Favorite Cartoon Witch! The Virtually Assembled live-stream will also be interspersed with toy commercials for artists exclusive toys, produced by the artists themselves!! More details below…


Artist Participation/Rules for Application:


Open Application Process Begins:

October 16, 2020

Open Application Process Ends:

November 30, 2020

>Artists who complete Registration after this date will be offered reduced levels of participation<

>Levels of participation no longer available to late registrants are illustrated in this BLUE FONT<


$50 Entry Fee/Deposit:

  • Entry fee holds an artists’ spot in the event.
    • Artists who choose to submit an exclusive, will have the option of a refund of the entry fee/deposit


Virtually Assembled Exclusive Toy:

  • Artists will have the option of submitting to the expo five [5] expo exclusives. Those who choose to submit an exclusive, will have the option of:
    • A refund of the $50 entry fee/deposit (minus processing)


    • Apply the $50 as a credit towards a table reservation at the next in person *Assembly Required expo in Asheville, NC, in 2022.
      • Although table costs for 2022 have not yet been determined, this would automatically give the 2021 participating artists, a table in our expo in 2022
  • Exclusives will be sent to *Assembly Required organizers to oversee inventory storage, sales and return shipping of items
  • Exclusives sent to *Assembly Required will be sold online by *Assembly Required organizers
  • In addition to appearing on the *Assembly Required live stream, exclusives sent to *Assembly Required will be used for marketing purposes, and may appear in other forms of mass media (IE: commercials; broadcasting; publishing; internet; etc)


Expo Exclusive Submissions and Commissions:

Commission structure for exclusives submitted: 

        ○ 70%: Artist

        ○ 30%: *Assembly Required


Virtually Assembled Toy Commercial for Expo:

  • Artists will have the option of submitting a toy commercial for one of their products, which will primarily air during the live event
  • Toy commercials will also be used as advertising leading up to the event, as well as potentially appear in a pre-show broadcast; on social media; in conjunction with other marketing opportunities as we see fit.
  • Those who choose to create a toy commercial will by default automatically get additional air time & advertising during the expo, when their toy commercials air.
  • Required? Nope. Amazing opportunity to showcase your work using a different medium? Absolutely.


Deadline for Commercial:

December 31, 2020

Artist “Table” & Event Page:

Historically *Assembly Required was built as a physical expo hall, where an artist would man their own table, with their products for sale. Having evolved 2021 into a virtual event, the following will be available to artists and attendees, on an Assembly-Required.net Event Page:

1) Zoom Hyperlink (supplied by you)

    • You can use your PMI or use a designated code.
      • This will offer attendees the ability to “visit your table”, and allow you to speak to them directly! 
      • You are encouraged to set up an actual expo table in the comfort of your own home.
      • You can submit to us a schedule of when you will be available, if you don’t want to man your table the entire time. And we will list your schedule on our website. 
        • [Please remember that with a free Zoom account you have a limit to 40 minutes per call]

2) On-Line Shop Hyperlink 

  • This will be a link to your website or online store, for attendees to make purchases from you directly.
    • This can be navigated by attendees live, while still on the Zoom call with you, to discuss your products. 


Interviews &/or Studio Tours:

You will be asked if we you are interested in doing a pre-recorded artist interview and/or studio tour with us. If you are selected, it may air in advance of the event, and/or during the event. Dependent on overall interest, slots may be limited. 

  • Artist Interview
    • Discussions can revolve around inspirations and influences; toy making; plugs for your products; etc
  • Artist Studio Tour
    • Artists can show us their process; work bench; projects in the works/pipeline;  designer toy collection; etc