We do not need to tell you that 2020 was a hard year. Due to the CoronaVirus, we were all placed into a predicament over which we had no control, jobs were lost, stability was shaken, sacrifices were made. We stood together from the sidelines and watched as events, much like ours, created by and for our artist community were canceled one by one. It would have been very easy to cancel this event in February 2021 too. No one would have judged us for it. And yet, the thought never crossed our minds.

We rallied and were determined that an opportunity to celebrate this art form and its artists needed to happen, confirming that life goes on amidst challenge. We made it much easier in ‘21 and cost-effective for artists to participate in this event and decided to forego any entrance fee for the public. The latter focuses on you, the fans, the collectors, and all who value and appreciate what we do.

So why the donate button? Simply put, we could really use your help. The CoronaVirus forced Unboxing Asheville, LLC, and the creators of *Assembly Required, to make some major behind the scenes changes that will directly impact this event, artists and attendees.  

A donation, in any amount, would be immensely appreciated supporting our return to the In-Person event in 2022.

Thank you, in advance, for your support.

Matthew J. Casale

Creator, *Assembly Required

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